Crystal Letos – Remix Album

LAREINE is a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
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General Information:

Remix album containing 15 classic LAREINE tracks, reworked as music box solo pieces.

It can be considered a spiritual successor of “Orgel Best~小さな世界~“, as 10 of the songs on there are also included here, even with the same title changes.

The CD lists two arrangers, 藤 太薫哉 and 富山 光弘. I suppose one of them, or both of them also worked on “Orgel Best~小さな世界~“.

While the music box arrangements of this CD are nearly identical to “Orgel Best~小さな世界~“, the music box sound is slightly different. They probably used a different synthesizer or VST to play the same MIDI files.

Also, the titles of the 10 LAREINE songs have been changed, but the “tracklist” section of this page contains both the music-box-version titles and the original titles of the songs.


1 Version:



Title: Crystal Letos
Type: Remix Album
Release Date: 2004/03/31
Catalog Number: ARLC-021

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Limited to 1000 copies only.


Track:Title:Romanised:Original title:Original, romanised:Arranger:Duration:Music by:
01深紅の舞Shinkou no maiScarlet Majesty富山 光弘5:25KAMIJO
02流木の記憶Ryuuboku no kiokuあの人の愛した人ならAno hito no aishita hito nara藤 太薫哉4:33KAMIJO
03光の馬車でHikari no basha defiançailles藤 太薫哉4:32KAMIJO
04キセキの光Kiseki no hikariFleur富山 光弘5:15MAYU
05粉雪の涙Konayuki no namida冬東京Fuyu Tokyo藤 太薫哉4:18KAMIJO
06花束Hanatabagerbe藤 太薫哉3:46MAYU
07百合の運命Yuri no unmei薄命~散りゆく百合を見つめながら~Hakumei~chiriyuku yuri o mitsumenagara~藤 太薫哉4:21MAYU
08さなぎの目覚めSanagi no mezame蝶の花Chou no hana富山 光弘4:27KAMIJO
0912月のシルエット12-gatsu no silhouetteLILLIE CHARLOTTE藤 太薫哉4:23KAMIJO
10犠牲の花Gisei no hanaMétamorphose藤 太薫哉5:55KAMIJO
11運命の迷いUnmei no mayoiROMANCIA藤 太薫哉4:17KAMIJO
12希望の花Kibou no hana再会の花Saikai no hana藤 太薫哉5:13MAYU
13逢いたいと思うのならAitai to omou no naraSOLITUDE富山 光弘5:20MAYU
14揺れる汽車の中でYureru kisha no naka de憂いの花が綴る愛Urei no hana ga tsuzuru ai藤 太薫哉3:37KAMIJO
15雪の首飾りYuki no kubikazariWhiteness~雪の首飾り~Whiteness~yuki no kubikazari~富山 光弘6:00KAMIJO