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LAREINE is a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
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General Information:

LAREINE’s first single, self-released under their LA-REINE record label in 1998. This would be the very last release under that label, as they would quickly sign to SME Records after this very successful release.

The songs “Fleur” and “憂いの花が綴る愛” (Urei no hana ga tsuzuru ai) were already teased one month prior in their sampler release “憂いの花が綴る愛~L’introduction de la fleur~“. And the song “白いブーケ” (Shiroi bouquet) already existed in some form in 1995, and was already performed live, but this is the first proper recording of that song.

The first press in digipack of this single was a success, and the 1000 copies (unconfirmed) probably sold out very fast, so, three weeks later, it got repressed in far greater numbers, in a thin jewel case. This second press has four versions, each with a differently-coloured CD. It is very hard, and takes a lot of patience and luck to find all of them.

“Fleur” is one of LAREINE’s most iconic songs. On almost all lives, this song was performed, sometimes even with a section where the entire audience sings the song’s chorus together with the band. LAREINE’s fan club would also be named “Fleur”, which means “Flower” in French.

“Fleur” was also the first LAREINE song to receive a music video (PV).


5 Versions:



Title: Fleur
Type: Single
Release Date: 1998/04/21
Catalog Number: LCDS-004M

Limited to 1000 copies. (Unconfirmed)
First press in a digipack with a dark pink CD.

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Title: Fleur
Type: Single
Release Date: 1998/05/10
Catalog Number: LCDS-005

In a thin jewel case. Four versions exist, each with a different CD colour: Light pink, yellow, blue and green.

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Track:Title:Romanised:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01憂いの花が綴る愛Urei no hana ga tsuzuru ai3:43KAMIJOKAMIJO
02白いブーケShiroi bouquet4:23MAYUKAMIJO