Métamorphose – Single

LAREINE is a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
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General Information:

Lareine’s second and last release under the mysterious SME Intermedia label, a single containing two songs, and one short instrumental SE.

This single sold very well, and reached a top position of 50 on the Oricon Style Weekly Singles Chart.

Soon after, the band would be signed to SME Records, leaving the SME Intermedia “test phase”. The main song of this single, Métamorphose, got a music video (PV).


1 Version:



Title: Métamorphose
Type: Single
Release Date: 1998/12/18
Catalog Number: SSDX-1001
Label: SME Intermedia

All copies came with a random Christmas trading card, one of four types.

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Track:Title:Romanised:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
02gerbe5:12MAYUKAMIJO & MAYU
03碧い幻影Aoi genei0:49KAMIJO