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LAREINE is a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
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General Information:

LAREINE’s fourth and final full studio album, released in 2004.

It compiles 11 tracks that released throughout 2003 and 2004, and adds 5 new ones, 2 of which are instrumental.

The main album, or the “Never Disc” contains 15 songs.

There’s also two bonus discs, first of all, there’s the “Main Disc -CD-“, which is a misleading title, as I don’t consider it the “main album”. It contains just one track, a new song, an almost-10-minute long epic which bears the same title as the album, “Never Cage”.

Then, there’s also a DVD, called the “Main Disc -DVD-“, which contains a music video of the 10-minute long song, and a some bonus making-of footage. The song used in the background of that making-of footage is “白蝶” (Hakuchou), which released as a single in 2003.

Back to the “Never Disc”, or the actual album, here is a list of what tracks were taken from which earlier releases, in chronological order of the original releases:
Track 13, “Scarlet Majesty” was taken from the single “Scarlet Majesty“.
Track 04, “gipsy” was taken from the mini-album “MAJESTY“.
Track 06, “SOLITUDE” was taken from the single “with Present Letos“.
Track 05, “Knight & Priest”, track 08, “未完成組曲” (Mikansei kumikyoku) and track 11, “Legato” were taken from the mini-album “KNIGHT“.
Track 12, “眠れぬ夜は真珠” (Nemureru koi wa shinju) was taken from the sampler CD “眠れぬ夜は真珠” (Nemureru koi wa shinju).
Track 07, “蒼の巣窟” (Ao no soukutsu) and track 14, “Partir” were taken from the mini-album “PRINCESS“.
Track 03, “月の狩人” (Tsuki no karyuto) was taken from the sampler CD “月の狩人” (Tsuki no karyuto).
Track 10, “Trailer” was taken from the single “Trailer“.

Track 01, “Never Cage -prologue-” is a short instrumental intro, and track 09, “Dear White” is an instrumental, solo piano interlude.
Track 02, “愛されていた日々-Ever Love-” (Aisarete ita hibi -Ever Love-), and track 15, “To be continued.” are what I’d call the only two “real, new songs” on this album.


3 Versions:



Title: Never Cage
Type: Album
Release Date: 2004/09/05
Catalog Number: ARLC-028~029
First edition. Contains two discs: “Never Disc” (ARLC-028) with the main album, and “Main Disc -CD-” (ARLC-029) with only one long track: “Never Cage”.

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Title: Never Cage -Limited Edition-
Type: PV DVD
Release Date: 2004/11/23
Catalog Number: ARLC-030

Very rare limited edition. Contains just a DVD: “Main Disc -DVD-” (ARLC-030) with a short prologue, a music video for “Never Cage” (the song) called “Image of Never Cage”, and making-of footage set to the song “白蝶” (Hakuchou).

This release is actually part of the videography, not the discography, as it’s just video, but I included it in this page because it’s so closely knitted with the two others.

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Title: Never Cage -Deluxe Edition-
Type: Album
Release Date: 2004/11/26
Catalog Number: ARLC-028 & 030

Reissue in a DVD case containing both the “Never Disc” (ARLC-028) from the first edition, and the “Main Disc -DVD-” (ARLC-030), from Never Cage -Limited Edition-.

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ARLC-028 – “Never Disc”

Track:Title:Romanised:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01Never Cage -prologue-0:46KAMIJO
02愛されていた日々-Ever Love-Aisarete ita hibi -Ever Love-4:14KAMIJO & MAYUKAMIJO
03月の狩人Tsuki no karyuto4:52KAMIJOKAMIJO
05Knight & Priest4:24MAYUKAMIJO
07蒼の巣窟Ao no soukutsu4:45KAMIJOKAMIJO
08未完成組曲Mikansei kumikyoku5:58MAYUKAMIJO
09Dear White3:42KAMIJO
10Trailer4:35MAYUKAMIJO & MAYU
12眠れぬ恋は真珠Nemurenu koi wa shinju5:59KAMIJOKAMIJO
13Scarlet Majesty4:59KAMIJOKAMIJO
15To be continued.6:50KAMIJOKAMIJO


ARLC-029 – “Main Disc -CD-“

Track:Title:Romanised:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01Never Cage9:43KAMIJOKAMIJO


ARLC-030 – “Main Disc -DVD-“

Track:Title:Romanised:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01Never Cage -prologue-0:56KAMIJO
02Image of Never Cage9:47KAMIJOKAMIJO
03Making -白蝶-Making -Hakuchou-3:12KAMIJOKAMIJO