Féerie – Song

Song Name: Féerie
Recordings: 4

First Appearance: 2ND DEMO
Release Date of First Appearance: 1995/07/27
Appearances in Discography: 5
Appearances in Discography (Different Release Versions Included): 8
Appearances in Videography: 0

Music by: Shoki (KAMIJO)
Lyrics by: Shoki (KAMIJO)

The third recording this song, titled “Féerie「不安」”, appears on both versions of the album “BLUE ROMANCE~優しい花達の狂奏~“, both as the sixth track.

This album has two versions, one has a slipcase and an extra booklet, the other one is a standard jewel-case CD.

The standard jewel case CD version without slipcase contains a bonus track, a ninth song, which is actually another recording, a remix of this song, named “Féerie「希望」”.
This version has some differences in instrumentation and production.




Thumbnail:First Release Date:Release Title:Release Versions:Song Title:Song Length:Notes:
1995/07/272ND DEMO2FéerieUnspecified (Cassette)First recording of song, in a more rock-ish style with a lot of electric guitars.
1996/12/24Blue Romance2Féerie6:12Second recording, with a different melody and lyrics, and with much more synthesizers and less guitars.
1997/09/07BLUE ROMANCE~優しい花達の狂奏~
(Both Presses)
5:09Third recording, closer to the "Blue Romance" version, but with a lot of different synthesizer sounds. This version of the third recording of the song appears on both presses of the "BLUE ROMANCE~優しい花達の狂奏~ " album.
1997/09/07BLUE ROMANCE~優しい花達の狂奏~
(Non-Slipcase Press Only)
1Féerie「希望」5:11The non-slipcase version of the "BLUE ROMANCE~優しい花達の狂奏~ " album contains the song Féerie twice. It contains the third recording as its sixth track, just like the slipcase version of the album. But as a bonus, it also contains an extra track, a fourth recording of this song. While very close to the third recording, this one has more synthesizer, different & completely electronic percussion, and a synth bass instead of a real one. There's also other minor differences. The non-slipcase version contains this song twice: The third and the fourth recording.
2003/03/26Reine de fleur II1Féerie6:12The second recording of this song, exactly the one on "Blue Romance" was included in this compilation.