All of MALICE MIZER’s music is only legally available to listen via physical media such as CD, cassette, DVD or VHS…

None of it has ever been officially uploaded for streaming or to purchase on any digital platforms / stores.

If you want to listen to them legally, please buy the physical media. These are beautiful and full of amazing photo’s and artwork.

But, since these are very expensive and difficult to buy and import from Japan, it’s way easier and cheaper to listen to them using unofficial uploads on YouTube.

I own a YouTube channel where I uploaded all of their music videos and lives, and some bonus footage like interviews, TV appearances/lives, and even some fan-videos for some of their best songs that never got a music video. All of the MALICE MIZER I uploaded CAN BE FOUND IN THIS PLAYLIST THAT WILL OPEN WHEN YOU CLICK ON THIS

If music videos aren’t really your thing, and you want to listen to the four full albums, there’s a user on YT that uploaded them. Here’s their four album uploads!

merveilles (Considered by many to be their best) (Second album with Gackt)

Voyage sans retour (First album with Gackt)

 Bara no Seidou (Klaha’s only album, darkest, most classical album)

memoire DX (First and only (mini-)album with Tetsu… But some people hate his singing)

By the way: Everyone mispells “Voyage sans retour” as “Voyage ~Sans Retour~”. There’s some small differences that are big to me… But no prob for most people hahahaha!!