MALICE MIZER is a legendary Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from August 1992 to December 2001.
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General Information:

MALICE MIZER’s sixth single, and fourth major single. The song previously released on the major album “merveilles” three months earlier, but for promotional purposes, the band released this song again as a single.

The bass and drums got rerecorded, and the synthesizer got programmed slightly different, and the song got coupled with a rerecording of the song “N・p・s N・g・s”, taken from the album “Voyage sans retour“. When Gackt first heard ILLUMINATI, he immediately thought the two songs would fit well together on a single.

The single reached a top spot of the 7th place on the Oricon Singles Chart, which is their highest charting single ever. But even with this high ranking, the total, overall sales of this single were less than the three previous singles.

The lyrics of the song and the music video are very sexually explicit and gory. The band did question if it would be a good idea to release it to the world, but after some thinking, they decided to do it anyway.

There is widespread information that two kinds of this single exist, one with a shiny cardboard case, and a non-shiny one. But I think that the non-shiny one is just a rumour, as I’ve never ever seen it in over a decade of buying MALICE MIZER items. So I came to the conclusion that only a shiny version exists.

1 Version:



Type: Single
Release Date: 1998/05/20
Catalog Number: CODA-1528
Label: Maitrize

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Track:Title:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01ILLUMINATI [P-type]5:12KöziGackt. C
02N・p・s N・g・s [N-type]4:27manaGackt. C
03ILLUMINATI [P-type instrumental]5:11Közi