Le ciel~空白の彼方へ~ – Single

MALICE MIZER is a legendary Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from August 1992 to December 2001.
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General Information:

MALICE MIZER’s seventh single, and fifth and final major record label single. Just like “ILLUMINATI“, this is a single rerelease of a song that was included earlier on the “merveilles” album.

Contrary to the all other MALICE MIZER singles before, this one does not contain a “B-side”, or second song. It just contains an instrumental version of the song as a bonus, but I never count these as B-sides, as usually there is both a B-side AND instrumental(s).

While the version of the song “Le ciel” on the “merveilles” album contains just synthesizers, band instruments and vocals, the single re-release contains a beautiful and rich orchestral arrangement, with real instruments instead of synth. It is more intimate and subtle.

The theme of the outfits accompanying this single and music video is the colour white… But in Japan, white is the colour of death. So in the music video, the band members are angels of death, that follow a little girl to her impending doom. It is extremely beautifully done.

Other than the piano solo “regret”, this is the first song Gackt composed for the band. Even though the overall, final sales of this single was lower than the four other singles of merveilles, the initial sales were so good that it became the highest-charting MALICE MIZER single of all time, reaching a top spot of number 4 on the Oricon charts.

It gave Gackt the chance to extensively appear in the media alone, without the band, which increased the distance between him and the band, which ultimately lead to him leaving the band, as it was proven he was also an amazing songwriter.

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Title: Le ciel~空白の彼方へ~
Romanised: Le ciel~Kuuhaku no kanata e~
Type: Single
Release Date: 1998/09/30
Catalog Number: CODA-1617
Label: Maitrize

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Track:Title:Romanised:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01Le ciel~空白の彼方へ~Le ciel~Kuuhaku no kanata e~4:56Gackt. CGackt. C
02Le ciel~空白の彼方へ~ (instrumental)Le ciel~Kuuhaku no kanata e~ (instrumental)4:48Gackt. C