MALICE MIZER is a legendary Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from August 1992 to December 2001.
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General Information:

MALICE MIZER’s fourth and last demo tape, distributed on their 1st anniversary concert at 目黑鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rockmaykan), containing 2 songs.

The 1st song of this tape is again the same recording of “SADNESS”, taken from the “SADNESS” demo tape, and the second song is a live recording of the song “Lafflesia”, which was performed on september the 13th, 1993 at 市川CLUB GIO (Ichikawa). This tape is the only appearance of the song “Lafflesia” in the entire discography of MALICE MIZER. The quality is surprisingly good for a live recording.

This tape is, again, impossible to find, as this is the most-faked tape of MALICE MIZER’s four demo tapes… If you find it on sale, it will 95% be a fake. But, that said, it is the most common tape of the four, I think around 200 exist or something. Since 2015, I have seen three real ones sell, but sadly, they were sold too fast before I could get them! But I do have four fakes of this tape…

The cover image is an edit of a photograph of the sculpture “The Virgin Martyr St. Cecilia” by Roman 17th century sculptor Stefano Maderno. It is the same image as on the “SADNESS” demo tape, just with added text, and more contrast.


1 Version:



Type: Demo Tape
Release Date: 1993/10/12
Catalog Number: None
Label: Midi:Nette


Track:Title:Music by:Lyrics by:
01SADNESS ~I know the reason for her sadness~KöziTetsu