VELVET EDEN is a Japanese visual-kei darkwave/rock unit that existed from 1998-2002, and from 2010-2016.
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Date (YYYY/MM/DD):Type:Title:Romanised:Versions:Thumbnail:
1999/03/xxDemo TapeStreet of ALICE1
1999/07/24Demo Tapemadame tarantula2(4)
1999/08/05Various ArtistsCYBER City1
1999/12/10Mini-Album人形娼館Ningyou shoukan1
2000/03/10VideoSAD MASK2
2000/05/10AlbumStreet of ALICE1
2000/09/10Single捨て猫Sute neko1
2000/12/xxDemo Tape蜘蛛女Kumo onna1
2001/02/xxDemo Tape蜘蛛ノ巣城・果樹園Kumo no sujiro・Kajuen1
2001/05/xxDemo Tapeオペラ座の怪人Operaza no kaijin1
2002/02/xxDemo Tape最後の晩餐/不思議の国のアリスSaigo no bansan/Fushigi no Kuni no Alice1
2002/03/xxDemo Tapeファンレター紅 & Rouge de NoirFan Letter kurenai & Rouge de Noir1