Rare Visual-Kei Sale


Some of the absolute rarest of rarest and most desirable Visual-Kei items I own for sale, collected from Japan over the past 10 years. Not selling them to make a profit, but to save my graduation project in classical composition, my master’s recital, after having many unexpected, heavy, unpredictable setbacks, last-minute.


How to buy

If you want to buy anything, send me an e-mail. I don’t accept donations, and I don’t make any ad-revenue on YouTube. I do have a job too, but these setbacks are too much in a short time.


NO reservations/pay later! First come, first served. Payment using PayPal (my PayPal e-mail is different!), and I’m shipping from Belgium, in the EU.



Shipping to US for parcels under 2kg is 18,60EUR untracked, and 53,20EUR tracked.
To Europe and UK it is around 11-16EUR untracked, depending on how far it is from Belgium, and around 20-35EUR tracked, depending on the country.
To other parts of the world it is a bit more expensive than the US, but not much, calculate it here:


(Prices from 50g to 2kg are the same! All orders here will be under 2kg! Light items, no books!)



If you want any Cantavanda demo tapes or CD (music I made myself), you can always tell me what you’re interested in too in the e-mail.
Here’s my shop on BandCamp






Mana from MALICE MIZER, signed, one-of-a-kind polaroid from 1998. This was a contest prize from a magazine (I think UV Magazine?). – 210EUR


Signed boards (cardboard (usually white) sheets, signed by all members of a band):

Raphael Signed Board – 35EUR SOLD
BAISER Signed Board – 40EUR SOLD
deadman Signed Board (White) – 15EUR  SOLD
deadman Signed Board (Red) – 15EUR  SOLD
KAMIJO Louis 2013 Signed Board – 15EUR  SOLD



Dir en grey – I’LL single 8cm CD… Promotional version! Contains the original resealable wrap with sticker with “promotional” writing on it, but also another sticker indicating it’s a promotional copy – 40EUR
LAREINE – Deep Forest Live CD in DVD case, contains a 2005 live concert as audio – 70EUR
MALICE MIZER – memoire, first press, serial-numbered, with OBI, SEALED/BRAND NEW/UNOPENED!!! – 120EUR (note: NOT the DX version, so no Baroque) SOLD
Közi – acoustic demo CD – 55EUR SOLD
Közi – Jan Svankmajer exhibition OST CD composed by Közi – 40EUR
Közi – 1710 artery bricolage CD, also Jan Svankmajer Exhibtion OST – 40EUR
Közi – Mantam Exhibition OST CD composed by Közi, SIGNED by Közi – 65EUR SOLD
Közi 1st Live CD 2004.5.28, contains two songs, included COLOR ME BLOOD RED by MALICE MIZER “cover” – 65EUR

MALICE MIZER – ma chérie CD single book, front cover SIGNED by all five members of the band – 175EUR  SOLD
MALICE MIZER – ma chérie CD single book, inside book pages SIGNED by all five members, seperately on each photo of the member – 175EUR
(Kami photo has a Kami signature, Gackt photo has a Gackt signature, etc, I hope it’s clear) SOLD



MALICE MIZER Deep Sanctuary VI 2018 Live Blu-ray, bought directly from Midi:Nette for that crazy original price when it was available briefly – 150EUR  SOLD
KAMIJO – LA VIE EN ROSE Live 20th anniversary Blu-ray – 85EUR



KAMIJO – LA VIE EN ROSE Live 20th anniversary DVD – 35EUR
Közi – LIVE COLLAGE 2004-2006 DVD – 65EUR SOLD
Moi dix Mois – Invite to Immorality Europe Tour 2005 Live DVD, SEALED, PROMOTIONAL VERSION – 100EUR


Gesshoku INFO: This was KYO from DIR EN GREY’s first ever band, as a teenager in 1993. They released four or five demo tapes, each with just a handful of copies. They are very heavily bootlegged and faked, and these fakes have much lower audio and printing quality than real ones. real ones are so rare that of all three Gesshoku tapes I own, NO photos of real copies have ever surfaced on the internet! Only photos of fake bootlegs. Mine are much higher quality, both audio, printing, and material. All Gesshoku tapes that I’ve seen get sold in the past for hundreds are fakes. The Gesshoku demo tapes currently on sale on Yahoo Auctions and Mercari JP are also fakes, I see that they’re poorly made and on cassette tape stocks (types) that only even existed after 1994. Impossible that they’re real.

I was incredibly lucky to find THREE real Gesshoku demo tapes, three different ones! So here’s a “once in a lifetime” chance to get KYO’s first demo tapes.


Demo Tape:

Gesshoku – EC̈LIPSE – 320EUR (This one, the real one has no photocopy artifacts like any photo ever online. It was cheaply printed originally so that’s visible, but it is NOT photocopied)
Gesshoku – SCHWARZ-WEIẞ – 320EUR (This one, the real one is on dark grey, slightly brownish paper)
Gesshoku – SCHWARZ WEIẞ – 320EUR (This one, the real one is on yellow/brown/goldish, hard paper! All copies online and anyone I know that owns one has it on black-and-white cheap paper!)
850EUR for all three together is possible too.

I also own KYO’s first demo tape of his band band AFTER Gesshoku, MASQUERADE, from 1995. I am not 100% sure if it’s real to be fair, but I’m 90% sure it’s real! I bought it for 60000JPY at a reputable Japanese shop, but I will ask less for it, 320EUR just like the Gesshoku tapes. There is no external booklet included. There are photos online of a booklet, but it is unclear how that booklet was originally distributed, maybe fanclub only?

I have 6 La:Sadie’s demo tapes for sale, which was KYO’s band right before DIR EN GREY.

The red, green and blue cross ones: 35EUR each (there’s 3 in total)
・・・NoroWARETA Rakuen NO Kage・・・ /


SHAZNA – Self-titled 4th demo tape, from their indies era, still before the debut CD/EP/Mini-album Sophia. Limited to 1000 copies, yet still very desired and hard to find, it’s in fantastic state, even the external jacket – 90EUR SOLD


La:Mule – mis-take of out-take – 60EUR
La:Mule – Joukei no Miyako 2nd PRESS (La’Mule – 宙~sola~ – 70EUR


That’s it!