The Flower Girls

The Flower Girls

Cantavanda presents his classical composition graduation project, “The Flower Girls”: An operetta/musical and piano concerto with orchestra.

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Adriël Cantamessi, also known as Cantavanda, is proud to present the graduation project of his classical composition studies at the Conservatory of Ghent.

The concerts are on SATURDAY JUNE 1st, 20:00 and SUNDAY JUNE 2st, 20:00 the Lully Hall of Opera Ghent.

Together with The Flower Girls Orchestra, seven solists, and conductor Pascale Van Os, he will present his third operetta/musical, “The Flower Girls”, and his second piano concerto, “Purple Rose”.

Both pieces are very romantic, dramatic, and emotional. They’re a mix of many genres and styles, all fused together in a unique melting pot full of constrasting musical ideas.

Each person that enters will be given a 40-page libretto/art/photography book for free.

There will also be CD’s for sale, for 10EUR each, containing pop/rock music that Cantavanda composed and sang in his “Visual Multipop” style.

While the concert is family friendly, it contains some loud noises (audio effects) and a moment where all lights suddenly go dark red, which might scare kids younger than 9 years old.

In Samenwerking Met Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.