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MALICE MIZER is a legendary Japanese visual-kei rock band that was formed in August 1992 by guitarists Mana and Közi, and went on an indefinite hiatus on December 2001. The name means “Malice and Misery” in French.

The early years were independent and self-produced under guitarist Mana’s own record label Midi:Nette. After two successful independent albums in 1994 and 1996, they were able to sign a major record deal with Nippon Columbia, and in 1998, thanks to some amazing singles and the masterpiece that is their third album “merveilles”, their popularity peaked, turning them into a nationwide phenomenon. They were considered one of the “big four” bands of the late-90s visual-kei boom in Japan.

But after the vocalist Gackt left the band in january 1999 to start a solo career, only to be followed by the tragic passing of drummer Kami shortly after, the band went back to its darker, and classically-inspired roots, releasing a final and fourth album, back under the original, independent Midi:Nette label.

After the mysterious vocalist of the final album, Klaha, officially joined the band, things started looking up again, but after just three singles in 2001, they disbanded, or as they called it, went on an “indefinite hiatus”.


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