Laliene – Demo Tape

LAREINE is a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
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General Information:

Demo tape containing one song. The first-ever release of LAREINE, under their very first name, “Laliene”. Limited to 100 copies, and distributed on their second concert ever, on 1995.03.29 at 目黑鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rockmaykan).

It is unknown who composed the song, or wrote the lyrics, since this release never included a lyrics card with any information. This tape also doesn’t contain the title of the song.

Luckily, the “優しい花達の狂奏” (Yasashii hanatachi no kyousou) book contains some information about this tape: It’s distribution date, the amount of copies pressed, and the name of the song: “DETEST OFF DOLL”. But it doesn’t say who composed or wrote the song.

A long-time LAREINE fan on Twitter told it was “SAKUREU” who composed the song, but without proper source/proof. We can also assume that “KAMIJO” (“Shoki” in that time) wrote the lyrics, since he wrote the lyrics of most LAREINE songs.

Many people call this demo “Lucheri” or “Lu cherie”, but the actual title is “Laliene”, making this a self-titled release. “Lucheri” isn’t the title, but was instead the first record label of Laliene/LALIENE. Their earliest releases are under that record label, before changing to the “LA-REINE” record label in 1996. Both “Lucheri” and “LA-REINE” were self-made record labels, just for their own music.

This release is near-impossible to get because of its rarity. It only goes on sale only once per 5-10 years, and is worth an extreme amount of money. Be careful if you ever see it on sale, since rare and desirable tapes like this are likely to be faked. But this tape is so rare that I have never even seen a fake copy of it. The only time I ever saw it on sale in many years of collecting, I bought it, and luckily a real one.


1 Version:



Title: Laliene
Type: Demo Tape
Release Date: 1995/03/29
Catalog Number: None
Label: Lucheri

Freely distributed at their second concert ever, on 1995.03.29 at 目黑鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rockmaykan).

Limited to 100 copies according to the “優しい花達の狂奏” (Yasashii hanatachi no kyousou) book.

Unlike many demo tapes, this demo never came with a lyrics card or insert with information.


Track:TitleDuration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01DETEST OFF DOLLUnspecified (Cassette)Sakureu (Unconfirmed)Unknown, but probably Shoki