Chapter II: 1994-1995: Laliene

LAREINE was a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
On these pages, you will find a full biography of LAREINE and the related bands.

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Chapter II: 1994-1995: Laliene

As said in the first chapter, “LAREINE” was born when “KAMIJO” (Then known as “Shoki”) and “MAYU” (Then known as “mayu”) met each other as both roadies (Techincal staff) for the legendary band “MALICE MIZER”, in late 1994. As they noticed they shared the same musical vision, they decided to form a band together in november of 1994. The name of this band was “Laliene”, the very first name of “LAREINE”.

Laliene’s first logo, taken from a sticker.


After the vocalist “Shoki” and guitarist “mayu” came up with the concept for their new band, they recruited two more members, “Sakureu” as second guitarist, and “鏡 花” (Kyouka) on drums. A few months later, they recruited bassist “EMIRU” (Then known as “Emiru”)

After some time of rehearsing and composing songs, “Laliene” was ready to start performing live. But somewhere in early 1995, “Mayu” left the band. It is said that this was because of musical differences with their other guitarist, “Sakureu”, but this is unconfirmed. To replace “Mayu”, they recruited a new guitarist, “Hirono”.

The band was now ready to play their first lives with the following lineup:
Vocals: Shoki
Guitar: Sakureu
Guitar: Hirono
Bass: Emiru
Drums: 鏡 花

This lineup played a total of five lives from 1995.03.25 to 1995.04.27, as advertised on their second flyer. The band concept at the time appears to be “~葬送行進曲~”, which means “funeral march”, since this phrase appeared on their first flyer, and a poster sold at these first few lives.

On the second concert of this short tour: 1995.03.29 目黑鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rockmaykan), they freely distributed their first demo tape, limited to only 100 copies. This release was completely self-released, under their self-made “Lucheri” record label. It was also self-titled, which means it was just called “Laliene“. It is said that the composer of the one song on it (“DETEST OFF DOLL”) is “Sakureu”, but this is unconfirmed. 

This song is in a musical genre that is very different than all later releases of “LAREINE”, so the previous theory that “Sakereu” and “Mayu”‘s musical visions were just too different to work together sounds more probable if you look at it this way, from a musical perspective.

After these lives, in late april of 1995, or early may, “Sakureu” left the band, which caused “Mayu” to return, and take “Sakureu’s” place.

The band went on to perform one live in may, and two lives in june of that year, according to their third flyer. This would be the last live under “Laliene” and their first logo, before changing to “LALIENE” (In all-capital letters) and using a new logo.

      The first known image of Laliene, taken from their first flyer, released in either late 1994, or beginning 1995. From left to right: mayu (MAYU), Shoki (KAMIJO), 鏡 花 (Kyouka) and Sakureu.

Laliene’s second flyer, advertising the beginning of their live activities, and a demo tape to be distributed on the second date of that small tour.


Note: The names “Laliene”/”LALIENE” and “LAREINE” are both French. Western languages use more letters than the Japanese language, for example, “L” and “R” are different in Western languages are the same in Japanese. This means that both “Laliene” and “LAREINE” are pronounced “Rarenu”, or “ラレーヌ” in Japanese. So for the Japanese, changing “Laliene” to “LAREINE” is not a big change.