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MALICE MIZER is a legendary Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from August 1992 to December 2001.
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General Information:

MALICE MIZER’s second full album, and first major album, containing 12 songs. It reached the 2nd place on the Weekly Oricon charts, and was the 73th best-selling Japanese album of 1998.

Three of the songs of this album were released earlier as singles; ヴェル・エール~空白の瞬間の中で~, au revoir, and 月下の夜想曲, but they were slightly modified for the album.

After the album release, the songs “ILLUMINATI” and “Le ciel” were modified and also released as separate singles.

This album contains the only composition by Yu~ki on MALICE MIZER’s entire discography, Syunikiss~二度目の哀悼~ , 

During this time, MALICE MIZER’s popularity exploded, and they were on TV and in various magazines almost every week. Around this time, they were called one of the “big four” visual-kei bands of the time, together with “SHAZNA”, “La’cryma Christi” and “FANATIC◇CRISIS”.

This album shows how versatile MALICE MIZER was; Almost every song is another genre, it is pure eclecticism. Some songs barely feature guitars or drums, as the sound of the music had priority over their personal playing; Art is the master.

The outfits of the band members on this album are extremely unique too, and the live performances around this time are legendary.

The band released twice in 1998; As a A5 photo book as CD case, and in a standard jewel case. It rereleased in 2004 in France under the label Mabell.


3 Versions:



Title: merveilles
Type: Album
Release Date: 1998/03/18
Catalog Number: COCA-14866
Label: Maitrize

A5 Book as CD case.

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Title: merveilles
Type: Album
Release Date: 1998/03/18
Catalog Number: COCA-14866
Label: Maitrize

Jewel case version.

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Title: merveilles
Type: Album
Release Date: 2004
Catalog Number: MAFR CDA 008
Label: Mabell

French repress.


Track:Title:Romanised:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01~de merveilles1:07manaGackt.C
02Syunikiss~二度目の哀悼~Syunikiss~Nidome no aitou~4:15Yu~kiGackt.C
03ヴェル・エール~空白の瞬間の中で~Bel Air~Kuuhaku no toki no naka de~5:33manaGackt.C
06エーゲ~過ぎ去りし風と共に~Egée~Sugisarishi kaze totomo ni~4:58manaGackt.C
07au revoir4:54manaGackt.C
08Ju te veux4:37KöziGackt.C
10Le ciel5:00Gackt.CGackt.C
11月下の夜想曲Gekka no yasoukyoku3:45KöziGackt.C
12Bois de merveilles1:54MALICE MIZERGackt.C