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LAREINE is a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
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General Information:

LAREINE’s first major-label single, which can also be called a debut single, under the major label SME Records.

It contains two tracks; The title track, fiançailles, and a B-Side or C/W called “Je t’aime”.

This single sold extremely well, and reached a top position of 21 on the Oricon Style Weekly Singles Chart.

The first press of this single was put on a 8cm CD in a long cardboard case, and was bundled with a VHS tape containing footage of various past events and concerts of the band. The second press in a thin jewel-case is rarer than this first press.

“fiançailles” is LAREINE’s most famous song, and also got a music video (PV). You cannot find the PV on YouTube, since it gets automatically blocked. But there’s this live version if you want to hear the song.


2 Versions:



Title: fiançailles
Type: Single
Release Date: 1999/05/26
Catalog Number: SRDL-4629
Label: SME Records

First press bundled with the “1998~1999.3.26 ロマンス革命 -その全貌と真実-” VHS

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Title: fiançailles
Type: Single
Release Date: 1999/06/02
Catalog Number: SRCL-4524
Label: SME Records

Second press in slim jewel case.

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