Orgel Best~小さな世界~ (Chiisana sekai) – Remix Album

LAREINE is a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
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General Information:

Remix album containing 10 classic LAREINE tracks, reworked as music box solo pieces.

It released on Valentine’s day 2004, and was available using mail-order, but only if you bought both “Reine de fleur I” and “Reine de fleur II“. You had to send something from these releases, I imagine the OBI or something, to prove you had them, and then you would get Orgel Best~小さな世界~ sent to you (and what you sent to prove you had Rdf I and II).

Just a month and a half later, LAREINE would release another music box remix album, called “Crystal Letos“. All 10 songs on here would also appear on “Crystal Letos“, but with some changes, the biggest one being a slightly different music box sound used.

The CD does not credit or give any information on who created these remixes, but I suppose the same arrangers mentioned on “Crystal Letos“?

Also, the titles of the 10 LAREINE songs have been changed, but the “tracklist” section of this page contains both the music-box-version titles and the original titles of the songs.


1 Version:



Title: Orgel Best~小さな世界~
Title (Romanised): Orgel Best~chiisana sekai~
Type: Remix Album
Release Date: 2004/02/14
Catalog Number: ARLC-020


Track:Title:Romanised:Original title:Original, romanised:Duration:Music by:
01光の馬車でHikari no basha defiançailles3:36KAMIJO
02さなぎの目覚めSanagi no mezame蝶の花Chou no hana4:21KAMIJO
03犠牲の花Gisei no hanaMétamorphose5:00KAMIJO
04流木の記憶Ryuuboku no kiokuあの人の愛した人ならAno hito no aishita hito nara3:35KAMIJO
05逢いたいと思うのならAitai to omou no naraSOLITUDE4:51MAYU
06希望の花Kibou no hana再会の花Saikai no hana4:21MAYU
07百合の運命Yuri no unmei薄命~散りゆく百合を見つめながら~Hakumei~chiriyuku yuri o mitsumenagara~4:15MAYU
08揺れる汽車の中でYureru kisha no naka de憂いの花が綴る愛Urei no hana ga tsuzuru ai3:20KAMIJO
0912月のシルエット12-gatsu no silhouetteLILLIE CHARLOTTE3:43KAMIJO
10キセキの光Kiseki no hikariFleur5:09MAYU