Trailer – Single

LAREINE is a Japanese visual-kei rock band that existed from November 1994 to February 17, 2007.
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General Information:

Single containing three tracks.

The main track, “Trailer”, is was new on this release, and the second and third tracks, 月の狩人 (Tsuki no karyuto) and 眠れぬ夜は真珠 (Nemureru koi wa shinju), already released earlier in 2004, but only on two very rare live-distributed sampler CD’s. This single is the first proper release of these two extra tracks.

All three tracks on this single would later be present on the “Never Cage” album. A little card with a user ID and password was included, which would unlock special features on LAREINE’s website I think.


1 Version:



Title: Trailer
Type: Single
Release Date: 2004/07/19
Catalog Number: ARLC-025

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Track:Title:Romanised:Duration:Music by:Lyrics by:
01Trailer4:38MAYUKAMIJO & MAYU
02月の狩人Tsuki no karyuto4:54KAMIJOKAMIJO
03眠れぬ恋は真珠Nemurenu koi wa shinju6:02KAMIJOKAMIJO