Visual-Kei is a musical (and visual) movement that sees its roots in early-to-mid-80s Japan, and while its peak was in the mid-to-late 90s, it is still very active and loved today, not only in Japan, but also all over the world.

Visual Flower Archive was formed in August of 2023 in hopes of archiving a lot of these artists. It started as a YouTube channel run by Cantavanda, “A Certain Flower Prince”, where he uploads his rips of visual-kei cassettes and VHS tapes he owns, but he decided to also dedicate a section of his website to the project. The website contains information and scans of these bands.

A few bands have gotten a special treatment; Full fansites with detailed scans and information of their entire discography. There’s links to these fansites on the sitebar of this webpage! (Or on the bottom when you’re on your phone!)

I will not provide downloads to their music. I know that it’s annoying that almost nothing is on any streaming services, but it is how it is. There are places on the internet where you can obtain these files, but this site isn’t one of them.