La:Sadie’s (ラサディース) was a Japanese visual-kei band that was formed by 京 (Kyo) (Vocals) and KISAKI (Bass) in November of 1995. Shortly after, Shinya (Drums), DIE (Guitar) and 紫緒 (Shio) (Guitar) joined.

They had their first live on January the 14th, 1996, where their first demo tape was distributed. In february, 紫緒 (Shio) (Guitar) left, and KAORU became a guitarist in his place. During the rest of 1996, they quickly rose to fame in the independent scene, performed over 80 lives, and released 6 more demo tapes, 2 of whom had 3 variations, making the total demo tape count 11. Sadly, La:Sadie’s was very short lived.

In the summer of 1996, there were already discussions of stopping the band, as KISAKI had creative differences with the four other members. These differences ultimately caused the band to announce a disbandment on their live on december the 20th, 1996. During that live, they also distributed their first single. Luckily, La:Sadie’s decided to end in grace by still performing 8 more lives in 1997, and releasing a second single, which would be their final breath.

KISAKI went separate ways from the four other members. The four other members formed “Dir en grey”, which is still active today, touring the world, and one of the most successful visual-kei bands of all time. KISAKI also never stopped his career, and had various successful independent bands, such as MIRAGE, Syndrome and Phantasmagoria.